Making Qualcomm’s Halo shine


Qualcomm’s Halo technology was developed for recharging electric and hybrid cars in a simple, cable-free way. This solution is suited to charging vehicles when stationary but also opens up the possibility of dynamically charging a vehicle while it is being driven.


The target audience was defined as innovators and early adopters. It was essential to familiarise relevant target groups with the capabilities and potential of this exciting new Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) technology and associate it with good performance. 


Nothing beats personal connections. So as well as spreading our messages via press releases and bylined articles we got in touch with electronic and automotive influencers to offer briefings with Qualcomm experts on how the Halo technology works. 


Over 40 journalists tested Halo on site across a range of events in which we participated, including Formula 1, Formula E and automotive electronics congress ELIV. We achieved 48 pieces of earned media coverage
in six months.


Journalists attended events and had briefings on-site


Pieces of earned media coverage in the first six months


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